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We offer accountancy services for businesses and individuals looking to manage their payroll systems and organize their finances.

Information Technology

We offer a variety of tech support and tech consulting services, from troubleshooting devices to setting up websites. We also offer advising on technical setups for businesses and individuals looking to improve their productivity when it comes to personal or employee use as well as for system administration for an entire organization. Please find our IT site at the following link: http://itconsulting.hfakhrian.com.

Tax Preparation

We provide individualized tax preparation and consulting for hundreds of clients in multiple states. We can handle even the most complex income tax returns for individuals and corporations that involve any or all of foreign income, investments, retirement plans, contract work, higher education tuition, and more, ensuring that all of the correct deductions are made to provide for the maximum possible refund from the IRS as well as the resident’s state tax board.

Our team specializes in all types of taxes. including federal, state, as well as local, municipal and city taxes, including sales taxes.

Special Cases

If there are issues with your previous tax returns, we can amend and resubmit files for previous years and when applicable we can apply for tax forgiveness for those years.

Or if you need to fill out US taxes while living abroad, we can manage that as well.

Tax Return 2021

For the tax return of the Tax Year 2021 due in 2022, there are potential complications regarding the stimulus checks and whether they count as taxable income, depending on the taxpayer’s circumstances and income bracket. Please contact us for more information.

Other Services

We also offer notary services for the State of California as well as consultation for loan applications, for the Small Business Administration (SBA) including the Payment Protection Program (PPP). We also can refer you to the right resources if you need consulting regarding loans with the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) as well as Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC).